What’s The Buzz About Bumble?

DATE: June 21, 2017

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Whitney Wolfe is a young female entrepreneur bringing power back to women in her online dating app Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble, an online dating app that has progressive ideals. Wolfe graduated with a degree in International Studies. She then volunteered at orphanages in Southeast Asia.

After globetrotting, Wolfe co-founded the now infamous Tinder. Wolfe’s ideology of what online dating should look like greatly differed from the current ideology of Tinder. She believed in empowering women and creating a culture of respect online. This is why Whitney Wolfe parted ways with Tinder. The Texan lady with humble beginnings soon found her own path and started her own company, Bumble.

Bumble takes a unique and refreshing approach to dating. Profane pictures and languages are forbidden and ID’s are required to join. These requirements are important in order to grow a culture of respect and understanding. Respect and understanding are crucial to have in an online environment in order to find a loving relationship. Bumble is unique in that the men have to wait for the women to reach out. This puts the conversation in the woman’s court and gives her back the power. For women who have had bad experiences with online dating websites and apps before, this solution is ingenious.

Upon the success of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has been recognized by Elle Magazine and Business Insider as being a powerhouse in the technology industry. She is now expanding Bumble to Bumble BFF, an app with the goal of connecting women with each other and Bumble Bizz, a business networking app. In addition to adding more apps, Wolfe is opening a physical location, The Hive in Soho for a limited time. With Whitney Wolfe as the mastermind, there is no doubt that the sky is the limit for Bumble.

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    People are really saying great things about this dating application, although I am yet to access the application myself but I think it serves. Adding to what http://www.ontimeessay.org/ the success of the application is accredited to the efforts been put in by Whitney Wolfe who for me has created something that could really be of help to those in search of love.

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