The Remarkable Achievements of Louis Chenevert

DATE: January 8, 2018

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This article will discuss the many achievements of Louis Chenevert. Chenevert, is a businessman from the country of Canada. He was also the former chairman and CEO of the (UTC) United Technologies Corporation. Also, he had taken the role as former president of Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The UTC’s headquarters are in Hartford Connecticut. This company was a large industrial conglomerate worth a total of $63 billion. UTC has done some incredible things during their time with Chenevert. One of them was grouping the most refined jet engines around the world. The company has also had commercial and military clients throughout the Constitution state. Chenevert was able to have the UTC able to bring together different interests. These are the interests of the shareholders, stakeholders, and customers. It has been able to stay on top in the subprime recession.

There was a very impressive aspect of Chenevert’s role in the history of the company. It was that he has ended up staying an innovative market leader in the aerospace. He was able to build space without paying workers unfair wages, evading compliance in the environment, and without leaving it’ birthplace. Those are among the many reasons. Because of Chenevert’s help he had given to the state economy, the state of Connecticut has an extended history. Since over seventy years the corporation of the UTC was able to give out dividends to the shareholders.

Now some general information regarding Louis Chenevert. He  worked as the Director of United Technologies from March 2006 to 2014. Another job that he has had was spending fourteen years working at the company of General Motors. He has been the Production General Manager of General Motors’ operation of St. Therese. He has also been a joining member for the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable. In this company, he is chairing the Business Council and the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Also, he had also been a member of the CEO Forum for US-India.

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