Oxford Club Investment Recommendations

DATE: November 22, 2017

AUTHOR: trafficx

The Oxford Club is a private worldwide network of entrepreneurs and investors. The investment club uses unique as well as time-tested strategies and principles to outsmart the stock market. The company’s recommendations include bonds, equities, funds, options, precious metals, currencies and real estate.

The main objective of the Oxford club is to assist members to have an extraordinary and long-lasting wealth. It basically seeks to empower all its members both financially and socially.


The Oxford management team is composed of CEO Julia Guth who works with an executive team highly qualified in research, customer service, editorial, sales and marketing, and operations. The club also employs expert strategists from renowned authorities working in several asset levels, private equity and stocks. They as well have professionals who deal with buying of cryptocurrencies, those who deal with dividends and income investing with bonds.

About Oxford Club

The organization came into existence officially in 1989. It was initially started by William Boner as a small networking organization. William Bonner is also the founder of the Agora companies, which is now a multi-billion financial organization. Bonner’s objective with several other friends was to form a private financial club made up of investors with an interest in identifying business and investment opportunities both within the US and outside.

Levels of Membership

The investment club has 3 membership levels namely;

Premier membership: those who have subscribed to any of the club’s paid publications

Director’s Circle Membership: these are lifelong members of the club. It is a level for those individuals who are fully committed and members are able to access the entire 3 Oxford club newscasters.

The chairman’s circle Membership: This is apparently the highest membership level anyone can attain in the club. Members at this level have access to special features available in the club’s website plus a lifetime access to all the publications of the club.

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