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DATE: September 17, 2017

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People suffering from cancer and other immune diseases have reason to hope with the daily innovative discoveries being made through scientific experimentation and research. One of the biggest obstacles in the medical field to diagnose, treat and cure maladies is the lack of the most current shared remedial data. Oncotarget has been a significant source in solving this problem. Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal that publishes up-to-date multi-faceted scientific discoveries. Medical doctors can use this journal to access the various breakthroughs and case files when diagnosing and prescribing treatment options.

Due to the journals free access and immense popularity among the scientific and medical industry, Oncotarget has broadened their research to more than just Oncology. As their website indicates the subject matter now encompasses gerotarget aging, autophagy, cell destruction, chromosomes, cell cycle, cardiology, endocrinology, metabolism, pharmacology, neuroscience, immunology and microbiology. Oncotarget publishes two issues per week on Tuesday and Friday as a result of increased demand. Oncotargets Chief Editor, Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, are also leading contributors to the journal’s publications and learn more about Oncotarget.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is regarded as an expert in cancer, anti-aging and bio-medical science and a pioneer in the advancement of a cancer cure and anti-aging treatment. He is a medical professor at the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute, teaching oncology. His vast insight and scientific research in biometrics led to the breakthrough detection of a life extension drug called Rapamycin. Rapamycin is a bacteriostatic antibiotic that has several uses in medical applications including organ transplants, lung disease treatment and kidney transplants and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

Oncotargets supreme objective is to foster a world where there is no illness, but in addition to that they strive to further research through contributing evaluation, to release extraordinary findings to the public as soon as it is available to the inner circle and to act as a conduit between different medical sectors and science. The journal is a treasure trove of information and some of the newest breakthroughs in science have proven to be quite revolutionary. For instance, it’s been discovered that a concentrated form of vitamin C can stop the progress of cancer cells and more information click here.

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