Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

DATE: January 10, 2018

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Get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Leaving Dallas


Tummy tucks and breast augmentations are still the most popular ways to contour one’s body. However, butt lifts are quickly gaining in popularity. Butt lifts are for people who have lost weight which has caused their butts to be droopy or saggy due to excess skin. Butt lifts are also popular among people who are in good health and exercise but can not seem to get their butt to become firm and shapely.


The Brazilian butt lift is a popular method used. This method of surgery allows the plastic surgeon to remove fat from another part of the body and inject it into the buttocks to achieve the desired shape. A person wanting to use this method must have enough fat within their body to use this technique. One advantage to a Brazilian butt lift over butt transplants is the Brazilain butt lift is for life. Transplants will need to be replaced after several years.


It is important to find plastic surgeons who are well versed in this type of procedure. In the Dallas area, one such doctor is Dr. Michael Thorton at the Mansfield Surgery Center. Dr. Thorton takes this procedure very seriously and has been very successful. He meets with each patient personally to decide the best way to approach this procedure.


Another place to get a Brazilian butt lift is the office of Dr. Sam Jejurikar at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He is recognized as being one of the top plastic surgeons in the area and has worked on people from all over the country.


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